9½ Stunden
Eine Liebe auf Jamaika.

9 Hours.
A Love in Jamaica.

The story of a unique love, interwoven with the unique history of the Jamaican Maroons: The evening before she leaves Jamaica, a young European woman meets a mysterious man. In the hours between sunset and sunrise, he tells her about his life. The short time she spends with him reveals to her the magic of love in its inescapability, and changes her life. The historical facts about the Jamaican Maroons are unique. No ethnic group before or after them has ever succeeded in opposing a power that so vastly outnumbered them, as did the Maroons without weapons or sufficient provisions. Their struggle against the English colonial rulers dragged on for centuries; their state within the state in Jamaica exists to this day.

From the introduction by Werner Zips, professor of anthropology at the University of Vienna: “Anyone who has been to Jamaica — and by that I mean: has been deep inside the country — knows of the island's magic. Beautifully tropical, yet geopolitically insignificant, this small Caribbean island mirrors the world and its modern history. Therefore, every seeking stranger will also gain new insights about himself. This is the experience which Valerie Schramm's story of a love conveys … The military successes of the Maroons against the British are oftentimes glorified and their African religious traditions mystified. These accounts frequently lack the fact that the Maroons have actually created an alternative model of society … One of the strengths of this extraordinary romantic novel is that Valerie Schramm, rather than letting her protagonist tell the dramatic martial story of the struggle for freedom, chooses to relate the social wisdom of the people … Valerie Schramm invites us to join a night's dance, ‘a dance as it can only be danced in Jamaica, as if there were no tomorrow.’”

This tantalizingly erotic and poetically portrayed love story, with its strong basis of diligent research, provides a wealth of information on the exceptional historical account of the Jamaican Maroons and their society.

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