Eine Chronologie.

A Chronology.

After the novel ‘Auflösung’ (Dissolution, ISBN: 978-3-85028-482-0) on the atrocities committed during World War II, ‘Vernichtung’ (Destruction) represents the second part of Valerie Springer's trilogy. In this work, she addresses the modern terror of globalization imperialism.

Cornelius Mayer loves his career, sex, success, and big money. Until he meets the beautiful hippie girl Elina. When she goes missing without a trace, he becomes a hunter and avenger in the merciless quagmire of the modern world economy's globalization imperialism.

Cornelius Mayer puts his heart and soul into his work at the investment agency Singer. His world is that of big money, he ruthlessly exploits the weaknesses of his business associates and is about to make the most important career move of his life: With the closing of the deal between the powerful Monoseed corporation and the head of the organic food company Murauer, he is set to become an equal partner of his employer Manfred Singer. Out of the blue, the beautiful hippie girl Elina steps into his glittering world of success. Against all odds, they fall in love. But Elina wants nothing to do with Mayer's cold-blooded machinations and corrupt practices. Her uncompromising criticism of his lifestyle clearly stands between them. Almost imperceptibly, however, a transformation takes place within Cornelius Mayer. His views of things are shifting, especially in regard to the transcontinental economic terror caused by the Monoseed Group, which happens to not only be Singer's main client, but also Elina's sworn enemy. When Elina vanishes without a trace while investigating Monoseed's criminal activities, Cornelius Mayer realizes that his destiny lies in fighting the nightmare of globalization imperialism. Using his insider's knowledge, coupled with cold-blooded intelligence, he penetrates deeply into the structures and informal networks of the Group. Wanting to bring Monoseed down, he pursues this path brutally and mercilessly.

Valerie Springer's critical examination of the economic, social, cultural and ecological impacts of globalization should become a matter of course in our understanding of the modern world. Her accusation in the form of a furious novel about an insider's breathtaking vendetta is, in equal parts, thrilling suspense and factual testament. In addition to the author's impressive factual knowledge, this work also demonstrates her mastery of language, as she so hauntingly intertwines a delicate love story with global terror that the depicted events gain universal significance.

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