Wahrsagung. Eine Recherche der Reinheit.
A Search for Purity.

A prostitute who is not so young anymore…
A very young man who has the rare ability to see the true future…
And the word “love” never falls between them.

What is true?
What do truth, truthfulness, honesty and authenticity mean?

Neo-Nazi activities, fascism and xenophobia form the background of a story with no taboos. In the setting of an icy cold winter, interspersed with steaming hot erotic scenes, this novel describes “the search for purity before oneself”.

Valerie Springer:
“This striving for sincerity… to be sincere to others and especially to yourself… to speak the truth…
As a vehicle for my exploration of sincerity, I use the encounter between a young man (Milan, a refugee from the former Yugoslavia) and the female narrator. During the bitterly cold winter months which the two spend in Vienna, the narrator contemplates her views, her opinions… and her strange life.
Together with Milan, who has the rare ability to provide accurate prophecies, she is witness and recorder in the investigation of a murder which takes place within the neo-Nazi scene. As gripping as this crime story may seem, it is not my main purpose in this novel… but only the silken thread which the protagonists use to develop and discover themselves.
With ‘Auflösung’ (Dissolution) I dedicated myself to the past of the Nazi horrors, with ‘Vernichtung’ (Destruction) to the present madness of globalization, and with ‘Wahrsagung’ (Prophecy) I turn to the future of thinking.”

IMPORTANT WARNING: This book contains a pornographic scene and as a movie would be rated NC-17.

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